In our chocolates you will find what the best confectionery masters have had to offer for ages. The manual process of forming chocolate gives it the truest flavour. The dried fruit and nuts do not contain any preservatives or chemical additives.

Dark chocolate 70%

The classic dark chocolate with high content of cocoa. Great, handmade chocolate with the intense flavor and velvety texture.

Weight: 100 g

Dark chocolate 70% with strawberries and blueberries

Handmade chocolate with a high cocoa content, abundantly enriched with strawberries and blueberries. This delicious snack win the heart of every lover of sweets, delighting the unique composition of the highest quality chocolate dessert and sweet summer fruit.

Weight: 100 g

Milk chocolate with coffee

Sweet chocolate flavor with roasted coffee beans? Yes! A sweet temptation that gives you a boost of energy. Wake up and taste in the unique chocolate-coffee pleasure.

Weight: 100 g

Plums in dark chocolate

Plums in dark chocolate are sweetness with a balanced, sweet taste. Bacówka’s plums do not contain artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives or vegetable fats other than cocoa. Cocoa butter in chocolate is min. 70%.

Weight: 120 g

Plums in milk chocolate

Excellent candied plums shrounded in milk chocolate. Plums in chocolate do not contain vegetable fats other than cocoa, mainly do not contain palm oil. The product also has no artificial aromas, dyes or preservatives.

Weight: 120 g

Orange peel in chocolate

Exquisite delicacy made with candied orange peel, doused with an excellent chocolate. Fruit interior, hidden under a crispy shell impresses with fullness orange flavor and aroma. This rarity is ideal as a dessert on Christmas table or as a treat for special occasions.

Weight: 100 g

Cherries in chocolate

Juicy, fresh candied cherries dipped in a delicate, melt-in-your mouth chocolate. This dessert is a hit for romantic occasions. With sleek packaging will be a lovely gift for someone special.

Weight: 100 g


Excellent, delicious, handmade fudges, prepered on butter, without vegetable fats or artificial aromas.

Weight: 200 g


Handmade fudge from Bacówka

Excellent, delicious, handmade based on traditional recipes. It is composed of totally natural products.

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