Gift Sets

Gift sets from Bacówka are a special present for the loved ones as well as business partners. High-quality products enclosed in elegant packaging are a great idea for a tasty and practical gift. We invite you to create your own unique gift set or choose a ready made one. Please contact us on e-mail:

Master set no. 108

A unique gift set with Polish delicacies – linden honey from an apiary from the Kozie Kąty forest reserve and handmade fudges. Completed with classics: coffee, aromatic tea and a handmade Belgian chocolate.

– Tea on a cloudy day 130 g

– Fudges 200 g

– Linden honey 400 g

– Dessert chocolate with strawberries and blueberries 100 g

– Brazil coffee beans 200 g

– A small heart decoration

– Brown box with lace 25x27x10 cm

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Homely set no. 116

A basket full of variety, with excellent meats, preserves and sweets from Bacówka. Such a gift is a great way to familiarize the recipient with the unrivaled taste and aroma of excellent Polish products.

– Bacowska Gorzołecka 40% 500 ml

– Shepherd’s Green Tea 90 g

– Milk chocolate with coffee 100 g

– Milk chocolate little lamb 25 g

– Swoja sausage in jar 300 g

– Kabanos 200 g

– Krakowska sausage 230 g

– Turkey pate 180 g

– Lard with onion 180 g

– Pickled cucumbers 900 g

– Cranberry with apple 200 g

– Grated horseradish 180 g

– Brown box 30 x 30 x 14 cm