100% Sheep's Milk

Excellent cheeses with 100% sheep’s milk from regional suppliers. The blend of great taste, both raw and after frying. They owe their traditional decorating wooden forms in which they are formed.
The production is based entirely on traditional technologies; with no preservatives, fillers, artificial colours or artificial additives.

Sheep’s milk cheese 250g

Fresh, natural and delicate cheese with 100% sheep’s milk. Anyone who has ever tasted the traditional, original sheep cheese, shares the delight of its taste. White version has as many fans as popular smoked the equivalent of – we recommend to try both! 100% sheep’s milk cheese rennet.

Smoked sheep’s milk chesse

Sheep’s milk cheese with a cylindrical shape called in the Polish mountains “gołka. Highlanders cheeses owe their distinctive decorating to the wooden forms in which they are formed. It is easy to cut them in slices and dosed as a snack … But beware! Delicious taste can make them disappear from the table immediately.

  • Packaging: vac
  • Weight: approx. 250 g

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Smoked cone sheep’s milk cheese

Salty, sheep’s cheese with a cone shape made from sheep’s milk. Sheep’s cheese owes its dark color and durability to smoking . Thanks to its small size, it is an excellent, pocket-sized snack, but it also tastes great grilled or fried.

  • Packaging: map
  • Weight: approx. 140 g (3 pcs)

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Cone sheep’s milk cheese

Traditional cheese from the best sheep’s milk produced in the ancient tradition. The installment white, smoked, has a milder taste and softer texture. Made with 100% unpasteurized sheep’s milk.

Threads sheep’s cheese 250g

Flail is a perfect cheese for a snack, an appetizer or as a salad ingredient. Excellent flavor and fun form of braid, it will quickly become the darling of every young dainty taste. Also, milder taste of oscypek makes a culinary journey to Podhale want to start just the courbash. The product is manufactured on the basis of rennet with 100% unpasteurized sheep’s milk.

Bryndza sheep’s cheese 200g

White cheese is a soft cheese with słonawo-spicy flavor, ideal for sandwiches and more complex dishes. In the highland the kitchen often appears as a stuffing for dumplings or as a component of sheep cheese dumplings, so-called. haluszków. Great choice for a meal of traditional regional character. The product prepared from 100% unpasteurized sheep’s milk.

Bundz sheep’s cheese

Delicate, clear sweet, creamy … Bundz is a definite favorite for lovers of soft flavors. It can be cut into slices or lubricated as cottage cheese, but regardless of the route of administration, superbly enrich the daily meal. Made from 100% unpasteurized sheep’s milk.

Sheep’s cottage cheese

The taste of cottage cheese with a delicious sheep’s milk is not difficult to impress. Delicate, milky taste goes hand in hand with a distinctive aroma, reminiscent of breakfast on the idyllic village. Made from 100% sheep’s milk, according to a traditional recipe.

  • Packaging: map
  • Weight: approx. 250-350 g

Sheep’s cottage cheese with garlic

Delicate cottage cheese from sheep’s milk with a garlic note. Aromatic cottage cheese is a great recipe for breakfast or addition to sandwiches, just a little bit of green herbs or your favorite vegetables and the feast is ready!

  • Packaging: map
  • Weight: approx. 250-350 g

Sheep’s cottage cheese with paprika

Cottage cheese made from sheep’s milk with the addition of aromatic red pepper. Excellent as an addition to bread, as a idea for a quick and easy breakfast or a light dinner.

  • Packaging: map
  • Weight: approx. 250-350 g