With Game Meat

Sausages of wild game, prized by connoisseurs of good taste, more and more strangers to our tables. Anyone who has tasted them will not be able to have to give up such a unique flavor. Our sausages and kabanosy are prepared according to recipes from top quality meat.


A dried sausage with a wonderful garlic and juniper aroma. Thanks to the precious game meat, this premium quality product tastes delicious.

Packaging: map

Weight: 400g


A delicate and fragile premium quality kabanos prepared from deer meat and a little meat from pork shoulder and bacon. After cold smoking it becomes wonderfully tender.

Packaging: map

Weight: 300g



Hunter’s dried sausage

This sausage is a perfect combination of the highest quality game meat with pork. Its tenderness and characteristic shape make it an ideal snack. Premium quality product.

Packaging: map

Weight: 250g