Traditional Smoked Meats

Like our ancestors, we also find the cleansing power of fire and water very important. For this reason we use mountain spring water for curing our meats and alder, beech and juniper wood for smoking in our traditional smokehouse. We invite you to taste the best traditional smoked meats.


A real rarity on the Polish market; made from excellent quality hand-selected beef. Carefully smoked and cured, acquires its fragility and succulence which are typial features of premium products.

Packaging: vac

Weight: 0.8 – 1kg


Excellent smoked veal prepared according to the best Polish traditions of curing meats. It delights with the unique aroma thanks to gentle curing and seasoning with fresh herbs. Highly recommended for children and lovers of original meats.

Packaging: vac

Weight: 600 g


Our native delicacy from Rajbrot – pork smoked over the beech and alder wood. It perfectly matches fresh bread and is ideal for any time of day snack. Premium product.

Packaging: vac

Weight: 1 kg


The most delicate piece of sirloin cured in special brine with pickling salt and a fragrant bouquet of spices. It gets the full flavour while smoking over the beech and alder wood. A rarity for connoisseurs of delicious meats.

Packaging: bac

Weight: 800g


Juicy Shepherd’s bacon is the effect of curing meat in carefully selected aromatic spices and subtle smoking over the beech wood. We highly recommend this premium product to bacon lovers.

Packaging: vac

Weight: 500g


Excellent  ham with a rich tasty aroma of slightly smoked meat. It gently stratifies while cutting which is characteristic for cured meats retaining the structure of muscles. It looks great arranged in slices.

Packaging: vac

Weight: 3-3,5 kg


Delicate pork enriched with precious and pure Himalayan salt. A slice or two put in a sandwich will make it extremely tasty and healthy.

Packaging: vac

Weight: 1,5 kg


Tasty, truly rural pork fat with the beautiful golden rind; necessary in each traditional Polish kitchen.

Packaging: vac

Weight: 300g

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