Sauces and Mustards

Our mustards and sauces are produced in a traditional way by local producers. Perfect proportions and well-chosen ingredients are the secret of their success and extraordinary taste. In our offer there are sauces and mustards with a mild flavour (e.g. honey-based mustard) as well as spicier ones (e.g. highland sauce with an addition of hot chili pepper).
No preservatives and artificial dyes.

Mayonnaise 240 g.

Tartar sauce 240 g.

Garlic sauce 240 g.

Gipsy sauce 270g

Delicious sauce tomato and capsicum with abundant onions, garlic notes about palpable. Prepared according to a proven recipe, properly seasoned, it is a great addition to meat dishes, pasta or casseroles.

Spicy red pepper sauce 260 g.

Tomato paste 340g

Rich, aromatic tomato puree with Bacówki is full of true flavor of juicy, ripening in the summer sun tomatoes. Prepared on its base of tomato soup delight all members of the household taste great. Produced by the proven recipe, with the highest quality tomatoes.

Mild ketchup 200g

Ketchup prepared with the highest quality, juicy tomatoes. It captivates with a gentle but strong tomato flavor and wonderful aroma. Great enriches the taste of sandwiches, pizzas, casseroles and many other dishes. This multi-purpose product, useful in any kitchen.

Spicy ketchup 200g

Excellent, very spicy ketchup delights the taste of real tomatoes and a wonderful aroma. Focus gives it an appropriately balanced addition of peppers and carefully selected spices. Go ahead, you can lubricate it sandwiches the bottom of the pizza or enrich the favorite, homemade tomato sauce.

Premium grated horseradish 180g

Delicious, aromatic horseradish with a smooth, thick consistency, add a refined focus mięsom, wędlinom, jajkom and sauces. This exquisite ingredient great find both on the holiday table, and in more daily installment.

Beekeeper’s Mustard 250 g.

Specjal honey mustard.

Vicar’s Mustard 250 g.

Horseradisch deli-style mustard.

Lord’s Mustrard 250 g.

Specjal french mustard.

countryman’s Mustard 250 g.

Deli-style table mustard.