ready-made food

A wide range of delicatessen products. You will find here a delicious dumplings with many types of fillings, excellent dumplings and dumplings, and melt in your mouth patties and croquettes. In the care of the health of consumers all products prepared without the use of preservatives.

Pork aspic

Chicken aspic

Cabbage and mushrooms patties

Meat Patties

Mushrooms and cheese patties

Cabbage rolls with meat

Cottage cheese pancakes

De Volaille

Meat croquettes

Cabbage and mushrooms croquettes

Mushrooms and cheese croquettes

Polish noodles

Potato dumlings with spinach

Potato dumlpings

Silesian noodles

Potato noodles with veal

Strawberry dumplings

Cottage cheese dumplings

Home-style dumplings

Mini mushrooms dumplings

Russian dumplings

Cabbage and mushrooms dumplings

Veal dumplings

Meat dumplings

Cabbage rolls with buckwheat groats 500g

Stuffed cabbage with millet, wild mushrooms and mushrooms – the only such in the Polish market! The relative proportions of vegetables, mushrooms and a pinch of spice guarantee great taste, which does not require additives. It’s a light, healthy dish perfect give for lunch in warmer weather.

Polish Stew

Excellent stew created based on a proven recipe. The taste of mushrooms, meat and vegetables in a delicious way of a snack with the taste of cabbage and onions, creating a wonderful, essential food, ready immediately after heating.