Our pasta is produced by traditional cylindrical method from the highest quality, natural products.
No preservatives, dyes. Manufactured based on a traditional recipe.

homemade pasta Shells 250 g.

Homemade pasta Spaghetti 250 g.

Homemade pasta Vermicelli 250 g.

Homemade pasta Frills 250 g.

homemade pasta broth noodles 250 g.

homemade pasta Tagiatelle 250 g.

Homemade pasta Beads 250g

Beads pasta with a wonderful, homemade taste. Broth, tomato, onion soup … Each with its addition of a flavor journey in childhood, straight to the grandmother’s kitchen, imbued with the aroma of the best traditional dishes.

Homemade pasta Squares 250g

Tasty, plump Noodles, in conjunction with traditional sauerkraut and sausage make up the delicious and fast dish dinner. Pasta is easy to prepare and does not stick. Prepared with natural ingredients, with no artificial additives.